As an RN I like to understand how stuff works & importantly how does it affect my client and their tattoo. 

With Rosacea facial blood vessels may dilate too easily, and the increased blood near the skin surface makes the skin appear red and flushed. so, it stands to reason they may bleed more and the effects of excessive bleeding result in pigment being pushed back out and retention is sketchy at best. 

One thing that can be extremely helpful is the use of anesthetic with epinephrine which constricts the vessels giving your pigment a chance to remain in the skin for that beautiful retention we all want. 

My client had previous work before coming to me and noted upon her first appt with me to have bright red cheeks (telling signs of Rosacea…but not always). So, my client didn’t fully read my Contraindications emailed to her but she was so very sweet and at the same time she taught me a valuable lesson. DISCLAIMERS & DEAL-BREAKERS are at the very top of my literature! valuable lessons going forward. LESSON #1

I share this because I know someone will no doubt learn from my experience on this particular condition and others like that. I also learned that she had been a faithful user of fish oil, another no-no before cutting into the skin! LESSON #2

I definitely can see the areas that bled more did not retain well! On touch-up seen here, I used Ultra Duration the entire time. After mapping I scratched the skin on both brows ever so lightly, without pigment, and applied the Ultra Duration before blading 6 minutes wait time. Yes, she bled some but not nearly the same as her first appt with me. I applied UD 3 times and am excited to see her results. I did Hybrid on her so machine shaded and that was a breeze. Excited to see how her ink seals in. 

I hope this helps some artists out there because I know it helped me. I will continue to handle these clients with absolute respect & care!

I will update you on her progress in a month or so.